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Journal Entry: Fri Feb 1, 2013, 4:23 PM

How's it going, hope the holidays went well for everyone, I took a break for awhile a few months ago so things slowed down some around here, luckily we had a nice team of admins helping out so submissions came in smoothly. Have a few new updates and admin announcements as well as requests for a few more but first thing on the list is contests.


They started well and we had judges, but during my break they slowed down some and my judges disappeared so I'm going to make everyone who entered into them a winner and set up all entrants for the current contests with permanent folders to showcase they're artwork. For future contests we can have them but I'll need more judges to help out since right now it's just me. If you're interested in helping out feel free to send me a note and we can get things started back up. I'll add everyone's folders to the Favorites area subfolder… . How the submitting works is if you're name matches up with the folder you're work gets approved (taking name changes into account), that way just in case someone submits into you're folder it will be properly managed.

Thanks to everyone that entered and once more judges come in we can start them back up again. B-)


The first update you may notice is the new logo, I set up all of the groups with new permanent logo's and like how this new EX one turned out. We also have some new admins with us, our current admins are:
:iconsexfiend: :iconjpndigitalcreations: :icondr-blindsy: :iconmonsterunderbed20:  

I'm aiming to have 6 in each of our groups so if anyone wants to help out here or in any of our groups feel free to note me and i'll add you to the list.

For the group format and layout i'm going to keep things as they are since everything seems to be running smoothly, may start moving folders into subfolders but it shouldn't mess up the flow too much.  I'll update all of the new contest folders next week and should have everything on track pretty soon, also for anyone who's left comments or had their work delayed in the submission process I'll start getting back to everyone soon and feel free to resubmit any work that didn't get in, everything erotic is welcome here as well as every artists.

Thanks for being a member and staying with the group and if anyone has any suggestions or idea's they're always welcome here.

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