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Since the super group status is expiring tonight I figure it would be a good time to restructure the layout of the group as well as address some issues in the group that have come up this month. After restructuring the folders/layout etc... i'll reactivate the supergroup status this weekend.

Current issues:
The current issues that have come up are male images in the group, stolen artwork, submissions to named/contest folders, and the large amount of folders/images in the group.

For male artwork initially the group started out based around female erotica, over time members requested/submitted images of men in the group and as the group is a database for DA's erotica anything erotic that stays within DA's rules is welcome into the group.

I recently had a report of stolen artwork being posted in the group, and this has been an issue that always comes up every few months so i'll address it again. If your work is stolen the best thing to do is report it to DA rather than try to confront the thief yourself, doing so is usually a waste of time and lets them know they've been found out, which can lead to them cleaning up their gallery before being ban and just reposting the same images later. The DA admins usually have them banned and their galleries erased within two days, including any images posted here. If your work is stolen and shows up in our group though feel free to let us know and we'll remove it from the group.

Folders named after an artist are contest folders they won back when we had contests, anything submitted to them that's not by the artist who won the folder is usually denied or removed. I'm going to combine them into one centralized area so they're easier to spot, but if your images get denied while posting into them, feel free to resubmit into a more generalized folder.

For the amount of folders and images in the group we've oddly enough had complaints that there's too much content here. We have a lot of folders because members asked for more specialized areas and with around 100 submissions coming in a day, being the largest erotic group on DA, and with over 10k members, a lot of submissions are going to show up. It's not always from the same artist submitting and we encourage entire galleries being submitted here. The favorites/new featured area is limited for artist to submit their best works too but all the others are open with unlimited submitting to make sure everyone can get their art into the group.

Feel free to let me know if they're any comments, questions, or ideas. B-)
Right now we're short on admins and get over 100 images submitted a day. For delays it's nothing personal and eventually everything submitted that's within DA's rules gets into the group. For people who think the group is blocking content based on style and who the artist is keep in mind I created this group because at the time almost every erotic group on DA was full of elitists who would block content they didnt consider 'art'. EX has never done that and will never do that, which is why four years running it's still the largest erotic group on DA, if you're images are delayed no worries as they'll eventually come into the group, and if you ever have any issues feel free to note me or the group and we'll take care of it. Also i'm always looking for admins if anyone wants to help out. :)

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Welcome to Erotica X


1: Quality and content

Any creation with female erotica is welcome here, cosplayers, futa-girls, fine art nudes, erotic fiction ect.. You have to stick to DA's regulations though.

All skill levels are welcome, someone is always going to have a different or better art style, and the only way to improve is by having access to them.

Overall if it's female erotica it's welcome here..

2: Problems with other members.

If you have a problem with anyone have the bollocks to send them a note and not make it into a public display.

People have enough stress in life and shouldn’t have to come in here and see in-fighting.

Also if anyone in the group is harassed by another group member contact me and I’ll take care of it.

3 Posting limitations.

Unlimited posting.

Direct Affiliate Groups

Featuring non nude cute, sexy, and erotic artwork.

Featuring original character based artwork.

Featuring all kinds of video game artwork.

Featuring artwork from the Dragon Age series.

Featuring Mass Effect Erotica.

Featuring male based artwork and erotica.

Featuring CD, TG, TV related photography and artwork.

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Non Nude
Photo Manipulation
Sexy Cosplay
Classic Ecchi
Erotic Figurines Toys Statues
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Classic Fanart 2
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daveracer Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for accepting my humble  submission. 
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Thank you for your request.
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Rastifan Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just so I know if I did something wrong. This… was rejected.
I tried to submit to the 3d Render folder.
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Luna-Fantasma Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, I submittet 15 of June a 3D deviantation and it's still not accepted, do I need to re-upload it? :aww:
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